Freight Forwarding And CHA services

FREIGHT FORWARDING - International LCL - FCL Cargo By Sea Freight & By Air Freight. IMPORT LCL SHIPMENT - Import Custom Clearance, Freight Forwarding Sea & Air, FCL & LCL, CFS, Customs Bonded Warehouse, Import Custom Documentation, Custom Clearing.

Export Consultancy Services

Sales Contract - The scope includes: 1. Deciding payment terms 2. Deciding shipping terms 3. HS ITC code searching 4. Packing and packaging 5. Other terms and conditions. ECGC(Export) - The scope includes:1. Applying risk to be covered with ECGC. 2. Deciding which risk to cover economically. 3. Deciding which policy to take. Shipping Logistics, Inspection & Insurance.(Export) - The scope includes: 1. Cargo inspection. 2. Arranging shipment with shipping company. 3. Booking space in container. 4. Custom clearance, Port management and shipping on vessel. Export Documentation - The scope includes making documents as per payment terms below: 1.Advance Documents 2.Collection Documents 3.L/C (Letter of Credit) Government benefits - How to claim government benefits given for exports. Government Benefits (Export) - Government benefits - How to claim government benefits given for exports.

Sales and Marketing development

ASN Business helps companies optimize their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth. We do this by drawing together insights from your customers, markets, business environments and internal organization. Then we model the economic implications of these insights and compare them with what’s working for other companies. From there, we work with management to embed change in the organization’s practices and processes. The result? Value-creating commercial strategy that is unique to your business — right down to individual products, programs and customer segments.

Import Consultancy Services

Pre-planing Import Questing - We Are Providing you how much it will cost to import goods from China or from any country And Your Product Wise Require Documents, Indian Custom policy. High Seas Sale (Import) - If a buyer wants to sell his consignment to a third party before arrival of goods but How to hide invoice value of original contract's company name under high sea sale transactions.

Franchise Consultants

Whether you’re an experienced franchisee looking for your next best investment or just warming up to the idea of buying a franchise for the first time, we’re here to help you. We’ll introduce you to some of India’s best franchises and business opportunities, sorted by their relevance to your budget, location, skills and passions. In an industry filled with thousands of  opportunities, finding the right franchise can be a challenge. We’ll help you narrow the field and get you started with India’s Best Franchises.

Human Resources

Over the past few years, HR outsourcing has become a dependable way for organizations to reduce operating costs, streamline internal processes, and focus on core business operations. With almost 20 years of HR services outsourcing experience, ASN Business have in place the necessary processes, HR consultants, knowledge, technology, and best practices to support you in all aspects of human resources and employment administration.

Retail Business & Consumer Product

ASN Business combines deep industry expertise, fact-based insights and sophisticated analytics to identify solutions to complex issues and to build confidence among management teams so they can take informed strategic action. Consumer products companies partner with us to deliver strategies that drive growth, create competitive advantage, unlock profit and value creation opportunities, and mitigate risk. Our approach is highly objective and fact-based, but we also take extraordinary care to involve management teams throughout the process, as appropriate, to ensure full alignment.

International Trading

Exporting can undoubtedly open a world of opportunities for your business, but it is not straightforward.

At ASN Business we have the experience and expertise to support you through the process from start to finish; from market research, market reports, identifying target countries, competition analysis, devising and implementing route to market strategies, marketing planning, recruiting staff or appointing distributors, setting up joint ventures, interim management and so much more.

Whatever your requirement, big or small, we can help you every step of the way.

Business Optimization

Today’s sophisticated enterprise buyer demands complete solutions and value. Optimizing your solutions portfolio to be competitive and drive desired buyer behavior is not easy. ASN Business can help you identify and evaluate alternative business models to produce the best results for your business.

Business Development

ASN Business assists companies in the process of procurement, marketing, and sales representation, as well as in promoting local and international business developments.

We value adaptability. We can design a specific one-time project with your views and goals in mind. We put our high marketing support, negotiations, and contracting skills at our client’s disposal to develop the markets for their products and services. Together with our client, we choose the most appropriate method in order to meet their requirements.

Global Business Management Consulting

Top global companies engage ASN Business Developers when they need to develop their people, systems and culture to deliver high performance results in line with their strategic objectives. ASN consultants are adept at analysing the client’s needs, developing targeted, high impact organizational interventions, and deploying solutions to close the strategy execution gap, producing measurable bottom line results. 

Customized Solutions and Approach

Today’s sophisticated enterprise buyer demands complete solutions and value. Optimizing your solutions portfolio to be competitive and drive desired buyer behavior is not easy. ASN Business can help you identify and evaluate alternative business models to produce the best results for your business.

Digital Marketing

If you want to success in today’s market, your brand needs to be everywhere. More importantly, you need to show up the right way, at the right time, with the right message. ASN Business will help your brand leverage digital content and promote it to all corners of the web.


India is the preferred destination for Outsourcing and Offshoring ASN Business. Our capabilities evolved because of advancements in information technology, which led local markets all over the world to converge to become one global marketplace. Owing to these transformations, there have been significant displacements in workforce requirements at all sites.

Our 360 degrees strategic approach towards our profession gives the vision, Innovation and Growth to the business, we provide game changing ideas, plan out strategies and implement them correctly for the companies we are working for.








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Freight Forwarding And CHA services